Beat Box Stereo Upgrade

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It’s no secret that the stock Sprinter audio is terrible. Not only is it hard to hear music, but it can be difficult to hear people you are talking to on the phone, and podcasts are tough to understand. This stereo system addresses all of these issues and can even give your passenger a nice butt massage while you are listening to your favorite tunes. The subwoofer is easily adjustable while driving with an adjustment knob. This system is made specifically for Sprinters with a heavy, rigid down-firing subwoofer box and harnesses that are bespoke for the application.

$2995 + Installation

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The RoamRig Beat Box Stereo Upgrade


  • 2019-Present (VS30 chassis)
  • Sprinters (All Storyteller, 2021 and later Revel, and 2020 and older Revels with RoamRig power systems)
  • Passenger seat base must be empty as delivered from Mercedes (no aftermarket items such as a heater, Switch Pro, etc)
  • Fits low or high seat bases
  • Cannot guarantee fitment with aftermarket swivels or seats
  • 2007-2018 (NCV3 chassis) fitment is being validated and should be confirmed shortly


  • Arc Audio X2 600.4 amplifier. 600 watts, 2 channels driving 300 watts to the subwoofer, and 150 watts to each side door/tweeter (L/R)
  • Arc Audio Arc 8 Subwoofer
  • Arc Audio X2 6.2 Component speaker set with 6.5" midrange speaker in the door, and dedicated tweeter in the stock location at the base of the A-pillar on the dash
  • Bespoke plastic door speaker adapters, bedlined subwoofer box, and wiring harnesses

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