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Engineered Power System

Protection from the Elements

Minimize Loss

System Specs

Our Engineered System | Starts at $10,995

Comes in 3 Stages

Common Components and features

- Chassis battery will be maintained with power from the house battery via a smart trickle charger.
- New engraved and labeled light switches, battery switch, bed lift switch, and water heater switch.
- Battery switch moved from the sliding door step area to the control panel on the wall above the bench seat to prevent accidentally shutting off power.
- 750W MPPT solar charge controller with 750W DC-DC alternator charger.
- 3000W pure sine wave inverter with 100A shore charge capability to quickly charge house batteries when you have shore power available.
- Automatic 12V disconnect to prevent the van owner from accidentally reaching the low voltage shut down of the system batteries.
- Batteries have a lifetime warranty and all other components have a minimum of a 1 year warranty. 

Stage 1 | $10,995 installed (~$8,200 after solar tax rebate)
- 420ah of storage at 12.8V nominal (5.4kWh)
- Can run air conditioning for 4+ hours
- Charging via the alternator with no load on the system will take approximately 8 hours.
- Charging via shore power will take approximately 4.5 hours. 

Stage 2 | $15,995 installed (~$11,900 after solar tax rebate)

- All of the above plus...
- 260A Auxiliary alternator with automatic engine start and high idle based on the state of charge of the batteries. 
- Optional alarm with vehicle temperature monitoring, lock/unlock, and remote start via cell phone. 
- Charge the system with no load in approximately 1.25 hours
- Enough power to run rooftop A/C & recharge battery bank while driving.
- Recommended for people who are heavy consumers of power, primarily from air conditioning use.

Stage 3 | $19,495 installed (~$14,500 after solar tax rebate)

- All of the above plus an additional 210ah of battery storage under the bench seat for 630ah total (8.1kWh
- Can run the air conditioning for 6+ hours.

Ready for Launch Fall 2020, Taking Deposits after Revel Rally

Installation Process

We are in the process of identifying and training certified installers in key markets (Pacific Northwest, Colorado, Southeast United States, and California). These certified installers should be ready by mid fall. A full installation will take 2-3 very full days depending on what system you have installed. 

At the moment, DIY systems are not available, but it is something we will be working on as we know there are people that want to do their own installations.

Get Your System (for Revel Owners Only... Starts at $10,995)


"Our new power system is a complete game changer, enabling better adventures deeper into the mountains, with all the power we need to get outside and have fun, further away from it all.  I get more than 4x the duration of the stock Revel system, and with the bigger inverter, it will quietly run anything on board without a generator - including AC, microwave, stove, chargers."

- Mike S

“I can tell you that I felt 100% comfortable leaving my brand new van at RoamRig. Aaron patiently explains everything to me, is easily available to help when needed, and most of all, his improvements to my van have allowed me such freedom in my van as well as peace of mind compared to the stock inadequate power system!  I am so glad I upgraded my van with him, as I know not only is my van better, but that RoamRig cares so much about customer service and support after the sale and installation.”

- AmyLynne F

The lithium set up by Aaron Silidker at Roamrig has absolutely transformed our revel and how we use it. The system has worked flawlessly and Aaron’s meticulous attention to detail gives us confidence in the design and function of the system. It fits entirely under the jump seat so there is zero compromise in the space and functionality of our revel. The upgraded system provides Bluetooth monitoring with detailed information on current and past power usage. 

We recently spent a week in very hot and humid weather but stayed cool with the air conditioning running through part of the day and through the night. The 630 Amp hour system gives us ample power and recharges quickly with the addition of the second alternator. When running everything other than the AC we essentially don’t even need to monitor our battery usage (but of course we do simply to enjoy the level of comfort that comes with ample power). 

Aaron has been available and incredibly responsive to any and all questions I have had while transitioning to the upgraded power system.  It is an expensive set up but I would highly recommend this system for anyone who wants the best power setup available for the Revel.

- David F

"I have been living full time in my Winnebago Revel for over 2 and 1/2 years. While I love my Revel, the power system has always been underwhelming. Over the years I have hauled a generator around to deal with the heat of the summer months as that was the only way to get AC. If you have dealt with a generator, it's not awesome dealing with the gas storage and setting it up and breaking it down for every use. Over the years I looked at options to go to a custom van or overland vehicle that could have the power capacity I needed. In 2019 I got a dog so the ability to run ac was critical. I looked at used Earthromers, the 2020 Earthcrusier, GXV, and all the custom van and truck camper companies.......$200,000 to $500,000. While I understood why these companies charge what they do, I really love my Revel, I just needed more power. That's when I bumped into Aaron at Roamrig. As a van builder, engineer, and dog owner, he understood my challenge and was totally down to help me. He had a new system that he was beta testing and felt it would give me what I needed out of a power system. So I set up an appointment and once at his shop, 4 days later I was ready to hit the road. Just in time to hit the Outerbanks in North Carolina for a long weekend and then off for a cross country trip to the South Western US. Aaron had replaced my 3 AGM batteries with 6 lithium batteries, replaced the inverter and controls, and added a second alternator. After 6 weeks I was back on the east coast and pretty sure I had the dopest Revel on the planet. Aaron's power system is a game-changer for the Revel. I had AC whenever I wanted it. I cooked meals on the induction cooktop while running AC, no problem. Cooked multiple meals a day and used the AC as I wanted to. I no longer need to spend time online looking for a custom build vehicle  I have the best one thanks to Aaron's power system. I was cautious about doing a beta with Roamrig since this is the power system for my van, but there were no issues whatsoever! In talking with Aaron before, during, and after the install it was clear he spent a lot of time and effort engineering his power system. This is hands down the best mod I have had done on my REVEL!"

- B. Jake