Installation/ Ordering


Where do I go for the Install?

We are in the process of setting up a nationwide network of certified installers to install systems that you purchase for your van. Each of these installers is trusted with the reputation of RoamRig and RoamRig will fully back their installation work. They are all well paid by RoamRig to install your system, and have portfolios of high quality work available. More detail will be available on our installer page when some final details are ironed out

Can this be installed at RoamRig in CT?

Right now, Aaron has zero time for anything other than getting this out to installers and customers. RoamRig will have part time help at the shop in CT for customer installations. NOTE: if an installation happens at the shop in CT, 6.35% sales tax on the whole amount will be charged. If the installation happens at a certified installer out of CT, there is likely no sales tax on the installation as RoamRig has no business presence in these states and you will be doing business with RoamRig.

How do I get in line?

Please fill out the info form at the bottom of the homepage and RoamRig will contact you. Once RoamRig has spoken with you, you will be sent paperwork and a deposit agreement. After the deposit has been received along with signed paperwork, your chosen installer will contact you to schedule an install from available dates that they have.

Can I pay money to get it done ASAP?

No. Not playing favorites for whoever has the biggest checkbook. 

When will installs start?

The target is to start ramping up installations in the middle of September. As with everything, we are a small, new company launching a new product that is complex, so this may change. 

Our System

Why did you change the inverter?

The chosen 3000w inverter is able to run the air conditioning with no soft start. Additionally, it can run the air conditioning while you use other high power appliances like the inductive cooktop. Finally, it has a built-in 100 amp DC battery charger for quickly charging your house battery bank when you are plugged into shore power. 

Does it trickle charge the chassis battery?

Yes, we have installed a device that will selectively charge your chassis battery when necessary and when house battery voltage is high enough to indicate that the house batteries have adequate power. 

Why not use heated batteries in the stock locations?

How much do you want to read? In short, it is less than optimal for many reasons regardless of what you may be sold by others about heated batteries. Please reach out to us if you would like to learn more.

Why do you remove so much Winnebago wiring?

The Winnebago wiring is adequate to work, but is not optimal for an efficient lithium system that is installed in a central location under the bench seat. It is easier/cheaper/higher quality to yank it all out and then start fresh. 

What is the warranty?

Each item has a manufacturer warranty. The batteries have a lifetime warranty! The interconnecting components and installation will be warrantied by RoamRig (not the installation partner) for 1 year from the completion of the installation. 


How long will it take to charge? 
  • Stage 1
    • Shore power ONLY: roughly 4.5 hours from 0% with no loads on the system
    • Alternator charging ONLY: roughly 9 hours from 0% with no loads on the system
    • Solar charging ONLY: too many variables here to even begin to answer this
  • Stage 2 and 3
    • Shore power ONLY: roughly 4.5 or 6.5 hours from 0% with no loads on the system for stage 2 and 3 respectively. 
    • Alternator charging ONLY: In ideal conditions, it could be as fast as 1.25 or 2 hours respectively, but in reality it will be closer to 2 and 3 respectively. NOTE: if running the A/C or other high loads while charging, these numbers will be roughly doubled. 

How long can I run my AC?

A lot of variables here. If it is a hot day, sunny, no window covers, and no other load on the electrical system, 4 or 6 hours depending on how many batteries your system has. If you are judicious with use and primarily use it on low at night when you are sleeping and there’s no sun beating down on the van, the number can be 2-3x more than that.

How will cold weather affect my system if there's no battery heaters?

The batteries are inside the heated/cooled space in your van, which means as long as the van heat is on, battery temperature is not an issue in cold weather. If the batteries are below freezing while the vehicle sits, they cannot be charged. If the batteries are below -4 F while the vehicle sits, they cannot be discharged. The batteries protect themselves and they cannot be damaged if they are below critical temperatures above. When they warm up, they will wake up and act normally. It is extremely difficult to get the inside of your van to -4 even if it is much colder outside. If the sun is shining on your van, it will be passively heated from that. We are working on a device which will allow you to run your Rixen heating system via the chassis battery when the engine is running so that you can heat your vehicle if the batteries are at the low temperature cut off.