Tax Benefits

RoamRig and its affiliates are not tax professionals and any information offered here is only for informational purposes to share with your tax professional such that you may qualify for a large federal tax rebate on the cost of your lithium power system.

Some links for reference:

In short, you may be eligible for a 26% tax rebate (as in cash back, not a deduction, doesn’t matter if you itemize) on the cost of the entire power system we install with tax.

You need to talk to your accountant about this to make sure you are eligible.

Is the vehicle titled in your name or in the name of a holding entity like an LLC or a trust? Is the vehicle used for recreation or business? Your accountant and you need to chat about this.

Your accountant will also have guidance as to what (if anything) you must do with your existing solar panels in order to qualify the RoamRig power system as supporting equipment such that it will all qualify for the residential solar tax rebate.

For example, do you need to add a new panel to the roof? A portable panel to use when you are parked? Maybe your existing solar panels are fine to make the new power system equipment eligible. This is entirely up to you and your accountant to make sure that your system is fully qualified per law should you get audited and have to defend the tax credit that you took.