RoamRig Installation Locations

Installers cannot sell you a system, all sales are handled by RoamRig and if you'd like a system please visit the page for the system you want and click the reserve/info button.


Installations at/by RoamRig

RoamRig provides two options for installation by RoamRig employees: at our facility in Connecticut, or by our Las Vegas based mobile employee. For folks who do not want to travel to one of our other installers, the mobile installer can come to you (for an extra charge) to install a RoamRig power system at your home. Installations at RoamRig in Connecticut or by the mobile installer both take a day each. RoamRig DOES NOT offer any other services while your van is getting a power system installation as our shop/process is optimized for one thing: power system installation.

Installations by Partner Installers

RoamRig has a number of Partner Installers who have been trained by RoamRig and have performed dozens of installations at each location. These partner installers are closely monitored by RoamRig. Expect to leave your van for 3 days when getting your installation done at a partner installer. Each partner installer can also perform other ancillary services (suspension, We Boost, etc) for those that want a one-stop shop.

The RoamRig Beat Box Stereo Upgrade

Stereo Installers

We'll get you square away as quickly as possible with our growing network of exclusively stereo installers. Check out their locations on our map.

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