Winnebago Ekko upgrades and repairs

Services RoamRig can offer for Winnebago Ekkos (only currently at RoamRig HQ in CT):


  • Add an additional battery to a single battery Ekko. We are a Lithionics authorized dealer of the correct UL batteries
  • Overdrive pulley for Balmar alternator so that alternator output is increased at idle (from approximately 50A to approximately 100A)
  • Oversize auxiliary alternator to replace stock Balmar 170A alternator to increase charge speed
  • Backup/additional charging in parallel to the Balmar alternator via a 100A DC-DC charger from the Ford chassis alternator
  • We are still working on exact pricing and details for all of these upgrades, but please inquire below if you are interested. 


  • RoamRig is authorized by Winnebago to do electrical repairs to Ekkos under warranty. Our specialty is getting you in and out of the shop and on the road quickly (usually within a few hours) for most electrical repairs. We will save you from waiting weeks or longer at a dealer AND we do a more accurate job of diagnosing and repairing issues.
  • If you are out of warranty, we can also repair your Ekko quickly and likely for less money than a dealer would charge.

To get service or upgrades for your Ekko, please fill out the form below!