Revel Lithium Upgrade 2021-2023 (with two batteries)

What’s included in the system:

  • (2) additional Lithionics batteries
    • 130ah ea. for a total of approx. 500ah total capacity
    • Compatible with stock Xantrex batteries (Lithionics manufactures the Winnebago installed Xantrex batteries)
    • Option for a 3rd battery for 5 total with approx 630ah total capacity
  • Kisae 3000w pure sine inverter with 100A shore charging capability
    • Run air conditioning while you cook with the induction cooktop
    • 1 year warranty
  • Kisae 750w DC-DC alternator charger with integrated MPPT solar controller
    • Will charge while running the engine in parallel to auxiliary alternator as well as acting as charge backup in the case of auxiliary alternator failure
    • 1 year warranty
  • Victron bluetooth enabled BMV712 battery monitor to accurately monitor the state of charge of the battery bank rather than monitoring each battery individually
  • Upgraded larger auxiliary alternator with Balmar external regulator
    • Charges at an increased rate and more consistently than the stock Winnebago auxiliary alternator with no temperamental Xantrex charge combiner or temperature sensor
  • New control panel and simplified/streamlined user controls.
    • Labeled switches
    • Eliminate unnecessary and confusing user-facing controls
    • Eliminate bed switch key
    • Simple on-off switch for inverter
  • NOTE: at this time, this will not fit 2023 Revels that have a single 315ah Lithionics battery. We are looking into upgrades for those, but right now, it is not a product that RoamRig offers. 

Base System


+ tax (includes installation)

4 batteries total including factory installed Xantrex batteries

Base System with an Extra Battery


+ tax (includes installation)

5 batteries total with the 5th in the current storage cubby below the existing batteries

If you have a 3rd battery installed

We will issue a $1300 credit and reuse this battery on either of the above two packages

To get your system, please fill out the form below. We will reach out to you for more details, and to schedule a call to discuss your options. We want to make sure everyone is getting what they need!