Revel Lithium Upgrade 2021-2022

What’s included in the system:

  • (2) additional Lithionics batteries
    • 130ah ea. for a total of approx. 500ah total capacity
    • Compatible with stock Xantrex batteries (Lithionics manufactures the Winnebago installed Xantrex batteries)
    • Option for a 3rd battery for 5 total with approx 630ah total capacity
  • Kisae 3000w pure sine inverter with 100A shore charging capability
    • Run air conditioning while you cook with the induction cooktop
    • 1 year warranty
  • Kisae 750w DC-DC alternator charger with integrated MPPT solar controller
    • Will charge while running the engine in parallel to auxiliary alternator as well as acting as charge backup in the case of auxiliary alternator failure
    • 1 year warranty
  • Victron bluetooth enabled BMV712 battery monitor to accurately monitor the state of charge of the battery bank rather than monitoring each battery individually
  • Upgraded larger auxiliary alternator with Balmar external regulator
    • Charges at an increased rate and more consistently than the stock Winnebago auxiliary alternator with no temperamental Xantrex charge combiner or temperature sensor
  • New control panel and simplified/streamlined user controls.
    • Labeled switches
    • Eliminate unnecessary and confusing user-facing controls
    • Eliminate bed switch key
    • Simple on-off switch for inverter
  • NOTE: at this time, this will not fit 2023 Revels that have a single 315ah Lithionics battery. We are looking into upgrades for those, but right now, it is not a product that RoamRig offers. 

Base System


+ tax (includes installation)

4 batteries total including factory installed Xantrex batteries

Base System with an Extra Battery


+ tax (includes installation)

5 batteries total with the 5th in the current storage cubby below the existing batteries

If you have a 3rd battery installed

We will issue a $1300 credit and reuse this battery on either of the above two packages

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