Our Story

At RoamRig, you won’t see us using a certain product because we saw a cool marketing campaign from the manufacturer, or because some Instagram “expert” with tons of followers declared it's great.

We test everything we use and don't follow anecdotal evidence from the internet.


RoamRig was founded in 2019 by Aaron Silidker

Aaron is a lifelong builder. As a child, you would be more likely to find him asking his parents to go to a hardware store than a toy store. He had a workshop in the house starting at about 3 years old.

Aaron has a degree in Mechanical engineering and has worked in a variety of R&D roles at tiny startups to giant corporations. When working in R&D roles, Aaron spent more time in the shop seeing his dreams become a reality than he did sitting in front of a computer running simulations.

He is a hands-on first engineer who strives to learn as much as possible about everything he’s working on.

RoamRig Proudly Supports US Vendors

RoamRig supports local Connecticut vendors whenever possible, and tries to keep as much business as possible in the United States.

Supports Us Vendors