A completely re-invented battery system

The new design of the RoamRig Lithium Power System means that it ships fully assembled to the installer, which means that the installation process will be as simple as possible. 

Designed for the long haul

In the new RoamRig Lithium Power System all of the components are easily accessible, without requiring costly and complicated removal of the batteries from the system for any routine maintenance. The control panel was designed to be future-proof, with additional switch spots which allow for more components to be added.

Designed for the way you live

A fully self-contained unit, the RoamRig Lithium Power System fits in the OEM bench seat in your Winnebago Revel, removing over 300lbs of wiring, batteries, and other components scattered throughout your Revel and replacing it with a system weighing roughly half that. The best part is, by centralizing all of the components in one place you have more flexibility in configuring your cabin. The RoamRig Lithium Power System is also designed so that the bench seat can be rotated in the future, giving you even more flexibility.

Reserve yours now!

Many installers around the US have already signed on with RoamRig, and more are in the process of on boarding. Click here for a list of our current installers.

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